Bobby Spence Wide Tooth Healthy Hair Comb

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Bobby Spence Carbon Fiber Wide Tooth Detangling Comb is  a professional grade comb used to easily remove knots and tangles in your hair quickly and pain-free.  Bobby Spence wide tooth comb is great for removing tangles for adults and children with knotted hair and will leave hair smooth, shiny, and healthy. Also, our wide toothed comb can be used to massage your scalp, improve circulation and relax a tired scalp.

Top Benefits:

  • CARBON FIBER - Professional Grade comb contains carbon fiber which makes it heat and chemical resistant and anti-static.
  • DETANGLES HAIR - Glides easily through wet or dry hair. evenly distributes conditioner through wet hair while easily detangling without causing split ends or damage. Can be used short or long hair and on all hair types and textures. Smooth rounded teeth do not hurt your scalp while combing and help reduce hair loss.
  • GENTLE ON HAIR STRANDS - Our comb has wider spacing between each tooth allowing more hair to pass through and as a result does not get stuck like an ordinary comb. Other combs have a smaller gap between the teeth and pulls on hair when you have tangled hair. These combs get stuck in your hair and end up pulling at the tangle or knots causing breakage.
  • PREVENTS HAIR BREAKAGE - Because of the wide spaces between the teeth, it’s easier to detangle resulting in no hair breakage. When you use a wide tooth comb, there is less friction compared to a medium/fine tooth comb which makes it gentle on the hair strands, preventing breakage & split ends.