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Bobby Spence

Certified Trichologist & Hair Loss Expert

As a certified Trichologist and Hair Loss Expert, Bobby Spence has received specialized training as well as ongoing education to correctly diagnose and effectively treat hair loss and regrow hair.  Located in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, he has helped thousands of women and men with hair loss issues. Bobby has formulated hair growth treatments and hair growth products that stop hair loss and regrow hair. 

With microscopic digital hair analysis, Trichoscopy, consultations, products, and information to facilitate hair restoration, the hair and scalp expert can help you stop hair loss and effectively regrow your hair back. Trained in scalp disorders and conditions affecting hair loss, A. Bobby Spence can help you to restore and re-grow your hair. He is an internationally certified Trichologist with an active membership in the International Association of Trichologists. Bobby has appeared on nationally on television, radio, and magazines. In addition, he is a Fox News Expert on Hair Loss.

Areas Of Expertise :

Hair is the fastest growing tissue of the body, made up of proteins called keratins. Every strand of hair is made up of three layers: the inner layer or medulla (only present in thick hairs); the middle layer or cortex, which determines the strength, texture, and color of hair; and the cuticle, which protects the cortex. Hair grows from roots, which are enclosed in follicles. Below this is a layer of skin called the dermal papilla, which is fed by the bloodstream carrying nourishments vital to the growth of hair. Only the roots of hair are actually alive, while the visible part of hair is dead tissue, and therefore unable to heal itself. It is vital then to take care of the scalp and body in order to perpetuate hair growth and maintenance

Hormones called androgens, usually testosterone, can cause hair follicles to shrink, causing thinning of hair or eventual hair loss. Reportedly only bone marrow grows faster in our body than hair does. The average scalp contains 100,000-150,000 hair follicles and hairs, with 90% growing and 10% resting at any given time. Hair actually grows in three stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen phase is the phase where hair is actively growing, and of course this phase is longer for follicles in the scalp than anywhere else on your body, and lasts longer for women than men. It is natural for follicles to atrophy and hair to fall out, and this is called the catagen phase. This phase is only temporary, and eventually the follicle enters the telogen phase where it is resting. These are the 10% at rest mentioned above. Normal anagen phases last approximately five years, with catagen phases lasting about three weeks, and telogen phases lasting approximately 12 weeks. As you see it is natural to lose some hair. Natural hair loss is considered to be in the range of 100 hairs per day. It is not apparent to most people that hair is actually being lost until more than 50% of a person’s hair is actually lost.

Hair Loss and various disorders affecting the condition of the scalp are caused by a wide variety of factors including genetics, physical imbalances in the body, age, and stress, to name a few. Most hair loss problems are caused by physical problems that affect blood condition, but can also stem from problems with your nervous system. Nutrition, medications, surgery (specifically anesthesia), pregnancy, and certain contraceptives can also affect the condition of your scalp and lead to hair loss.

The correct diagnosis of your specific scalp problem is extremely important as well as choosing the correct treatment, which can range from deep treatments to nutritional changes, and using products that promote hair restoration. Consulting with a highly-trained, certified scalp specialist is the most important first step to take in overcoming hair loss and re-growing your hair.

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