Microscopic Hair Strand Analysis

Dry, Brittle,Damaged Hair • Shedding Hair • Hair Breakage • Thinning Hair

Find Out The Condition of Your Hair Now and Mail me your Hair !!

Trichologist Bobby Spence will help you get to the root cause of your hair loss. This in-depth microscopic analysis will offer healthy hair loss tips and advice, recommend appropriate hair care products and treatment options to successfully address restoring healthy hair. Analysis includes telephone or video Skype advice from Trichologist Bobby Spence, digital microscopic examination of hair follicle, hair shaft, hair bulb and cuticle. This is not considered a hair loss consultation. Please take the results of the analysis to your local Trichologist for an complete and comprehensive physical examination.

Microscopic Hair Analysis Will Access The Following:

All clients are provided with a detailed report which provides examination findings, high-resolution images of hair samples (hair bulb and cuticle) recommendations to restore healthy hair and to stop hair loss, and hair products to treat your condition.

Fill out the questionnaire below and after payment is made mail hair sample to:

Hairbotics/Bobby Spence Trichology

8807 Sudley Road, Suite 101

Manassas, VA 20110

Step 1:
– Collect Hair Samples & Return (Obtain hair samples in and around problem areas)
– Place white sheet of paper on desk or table.
– Gently rub scalp, comb hair or brush hair to loosen hairs onto paper. Make sure some hairs have the bulb attached.
– Concentrate on thinning or problem areas for hair samples. Do Not Cut Hair.
Step 2:
– Place hair strands in a plastic bag that seals.
– Mark bag with your full name, date, and telephone number.
Step 3:
– Mail Hair Samples after collecting, bagging and marking your hair samples with time and date of collection. Mailing information is emailed to you after purchase.

 Analysis Fee:  $99